Consultants, Non-Profits,
School Teams & Youth Programs

Canopy makes it easy for any organization to quickly create interactive learning experiences, facilitate collaboration, & share resources.

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Canopy improves student organization and progress tracking

Enhance Onboarding

Create interactive, self-paced onboarding and other evergreen learning experiences to enhance how knowledge is shared in your organization and develop a culture of continuous learning.

Canopy's welcoming design ensures newcomers have a positive first impression of learning with your org.

teacher collaboration with private communities in canopy

Organize GDrive Content

Has your GDrive gotten tough to navigate?

The simplest way to use Canopy is to leverage the GDrive integrations to embed and organize resources.

Some courses in Canopy have over 100 GDrive files embedded and organized by module. Any slide/doc/form can be found with a maximum of 2 clicks

teacher curriculum marketplace to sell courses or curriculum

Facilitate Blended Learning

Blended models achieve longer lasting results than either in-person or self-paced learning models.

Learners engage with content and interact with each other in a self-paced environment.

Facilitators then review data and use that info to inform in-person sessions, which focus on application of ideas to a personal context.

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