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Simple & Effective: Canopy consolidates dozens of high-impact learning & analytics features into a single, intuitive platform.

Canopy is used for

Canopy's manage students page simplifies progress monitoring

Professional Development

The most popular use of Canopy is for educator professional development. Schools, districts, and state DOEs use Canopy to enhance self-paced and blended learning strategies. Canopy's unparalleled analytics dashboard then drives strategic decision making.

teacher collaboration with private communities in canopy

Onboarding & training

Corporations, non-profits, and consultants all use Canopy for onboarding and ongoing training. These users elevate Canopy's ease of use and the seamless GDrive integrations as their favorite features of the platform.

teacher curriculum marketplace to sell courses or curriculum

Sharing custom curriculum

Canopy is the only platform that allows organizations and individual creators to share or sell a full, learner-ready curriculum, complete with multi-media engagement activities. This makes Canopy ideal for selling or distributing custom curriculum to multiple facilitators.

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Raise the bar for self-paced learning

Canopy combines an LMS, course authoring platform, CMS, collaboration tools, and 20+ multimedia engagement tools into a single platform.


  • Embed slides & docs from GDrive
  • Record & embed a screencast
  • Embed editable PDFs
  • Add audio narration
  • Upload original video
  • Embed video from YouTube
  • Design w/ Canva integration
  • Add text with links
  • and more...


  • Add questions in videos
  • Create discussion prompts
  • Annotate or complete PDFs
  • Audio response questions
  • Video response questions
  • Polls
  • Embed Google Forms
  • Canva design assignments
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, & Short Answer questions
  • Embed SCORM files
  • and more...

Track & Coach

  • Visual progress monitoring
  • Review all work from a learner in a single screen
  • Provide feedback
  • Analyze responses by assessment item
  • Whole group messaging
  • Direct messaging
  • Assign points
  • Attach rubrics
  • Use subgroups for differentiation
  • and more...
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Simple to use.

Canopy elearning lesson builder all-in-one solution
Traditional LMSs met the needs of their day, but it's time for a more comprehensive vision for how technology can enhance learning & development.
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Canopy + Google

Canopy is designed to enhance your Google Workspace

1) Sign into Canopy with your Google credentials

2) Embed any content from your GDrive into a Canopy course or create new Google Slides in the platform.

3) Learners can copy, edit, and submit Google Docs & Slides as assignments within Canopy

4) Sync rosters and grades directly with Google Classroom

lms google classroom integration


"We looked at a lot of platforms. Canopy was just so much more intuitive than everything else we saw. I have really enjoyed using it so far. "
- Simon Wolfson, Principal Evergreen Leadership Academy
"I absolutely love how simple it is to navigate as a creator AND as a student! Having everything embedded into one screen is a game changer."
- Dana Roesslein, High School Teacher
"I really like the progress bars. That was the worst part of what we were using before. It was hard to know how to find what I needed to do and the lesson stuff that went with it. Now I don't even have to think. It's all just right there."
- Gabby Calcagno, 7th Grade student
"I found Canopy incredibly intuitive because it has this really nice Creator’s dashboard. As I looked at what I could include, I found myself adding more components and revising the lessons because I was inspired by the options I had. The way the creation flows is really conducive for more innovation and more engaging lessons."
- Nick Yannopoulos, Instructional Designer
"I want to make a time elapse video to show everyone how fast it is to make a lesson in Canopy. It's amazing. I love it... I can't wait for our teachers to start sharing resources with each other in Canopy."
- Margarita Moreno, Educator & Founder of LatinXChange
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Explore Canopy as a Learner

The best way to see how different Canopy is from other platforms is to experience it for yourself.

(It is also possible to join this course from an existing Learner account by using the course codes below)

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Explore Canopy as a Teacher

Visit www.CanopyEd.com and create a FREE teacher account.

Watch the intro video below or check out our full 'Getting Started' tutorial series on YouTube here.

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Many Platforms in One

Learning Management System

No more folders. Canopy’s expand/collapse organization system allows you to organize the content for hundreds of lessons on a single screen. Visual progress tracking means that you see exactly where each of your learners are at with just a glance.

eLearning Platform

No more endless tabs. Canopy offers over 20 different ways for learners to engage with content, demonstrate learning and discuss ideas from within the platform. This means learners can focus on the content - not the technology. Veteran educators and fans of Universal Design for Learning will appreciate how powerful this is for in-depth understanding.

Online Course Platform

Canopy lets creators sell seats in an online course as well. Other platforms are great for the 'one to the faceless many' model of digital course creation. But Canopy is ideal for cohort based learning experiences where the instructor wants to create conversations, review submissions, and offer personalized feedback. You can add a payment feature to your Canopy course or upload a roster from a csv file if you've done your course registration outside of Canopy.

Collaboration Platform

Canopy’s unique communities feature allows educators and learning designers to easily share lessons, units, or entire courses in just moments. Courses can also have unlimited co-teachers so multiple instructors can create content and give feedback to a single cohort of learners.

Curriculum Marketplace

Canopy’s branded course libraries allow any individual or organization to be their own digital curriculum publisher. Users can sell access to courses and/or the actual curriculum materials to other educators. Organizations and individuals can also choose to create external preview pages that just showcase content to make well organized content more accessible.

Is Canopy Right for You?

Professional Development

Professional Development leaders use Canopy in 3 primary ways:

  • To create self-paced PD opportunities with certificates attached
  • As pre-work for a 'flipped PD' model so that teachers can spend in-person time focused on applying the content to their own context
  • To create private communities where facilitators can share and customize PD sessions

Most importantly, Canopy's one-tab organization and variety of multimedia features make it easier to create engaging PD experiences that lead to deeper understanding.

Over 90% of educators who experience PD in Canopy say they prefer it to other platforms they have used


Canopy combines an LMS with a suite of multimedia engagement features making it easier for teachers to:

  • Design engaging learning experiences
  • Track student progress
  • Grade, message, and provide feedback
  • Share lessons and units with colleagues

Because Canopy organizes all resources and assignments for an entire course into a single tab, teachers spend less time helping students navigate technology.

Over 90% of teachers describe Canopy as 'much more intuitive' than other platforms they have used

Networks of Schools

Canopy partners with districts, charter networks, departments of education, and other education organizations to:

  • Create custom admin dashboards that allow leaders to track metrics by student, classroom, school, or region
  • Set up private communities for instructional leaders to disseminate curriculum across the entire network
  • Provide ongoing training and support

Of course, adopting Canopy also saves time and stress for students, teachers, and families as well as administrators.

Canopy works in close collaboration to develop custom solutions for network partners

Curriculum Providers

Curriculum providers use Canopy like a 'Shopify for digital curriculum'. Before Shopify, brick and mortar stores wanted to sell online, but it was difficult to create their own ecommerce platform. Shopify solved this problem.

Canopy does the same thing for curriculum companies that have mostly focused on PDFs or video content. With Canopy, these organizations can transform their existing resources into a fully realized curriculum - complete with multiple tools for student engagement, built in progress tracking, Google Classroom integrations, etc - and then sell it to schools and districts. (Individual creators use Canopy more as an Etsy)

Join our growing cohort of curriculum organizations transitioning to Canopy: CanopyEd@CanopyEd.com

Education Consultants

Education consultants use Canopy to strengthen their relationships with clients in 3 primary ways:

  • To offer self-paced PD trainings with asynchronous feedback and a custom certificate
  • As pre-work for in-person sessions so participants are primed for the sessions and the consultants arrive with a more nuanced understanding of the local context
  • To add a local leader as a co-teacher on a training module so that there is transparency with progress and other analytics

Most importantly, Canopy's one-tab organization system and variety of multimedia features make it easier to create engaging trainings that lead to deeper understanding.

67% of educators say Canopy is 'Much Better' for trainings compared to other platforms they have used (25% say 'Better')


Non-profit organizations use Canopy in 3 primary ways:

  • To strengthen and organize internal training for new and existing staff
  • To organize information and trainings for external partners
  • To act as a curriculum publisher and sell training materials to partners

Canopy offers non-profits an ideal way to organize their knowledge and amplify their expertise.

Homeschool Families

Homeschool families use Canopy in 3 primary ways:

  • To stay organized by keeping all of their learning materials in a single tab
  • To create private communities to share/sell projects, activities, and entire curriculums with other families in their network
  • To partner as co-teachers on a shared course so that their children can engage in discussions with each other

It turns out that the features designed to help teachers stay organized, collaborate with each other, and share quality digital curriculum with a wider audience are also ideal to support homeschool families as well.

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We would love to learn more about your organization and discuss how Canopy can enhance your work around teaching and learning. For larger partners, this can also include a custom analytics dashboard to easily track key metrics.

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