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Learning design simplified.

Canopy is built to be intuitive & inspire the creation of more engaging learning experiences.

But Canopy also contains 20+ unique ways to engage learners along with robust analytics, collaboration, and sales features.

The tutorials below demonstrate how to access these features and how they can be utilized to enhance your learning and development strategies.

Model Lesson Demo

Course Organization

Creator Dashboard 1 & 2

Student Portal Demo

Instructional Design Portfolios
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Model Lesson - demo

This is probably the single most useful video for creating in Canopy.

The tutorial walks you through general advice and specific guidance for creating one type of model lesson in Canopy.

Course Organization

This video covers how to use Canopy's unique expand/collapse organization structure to organize a tremendous number of resources and activities in a single tab.

This is perfect for courses and an ideal way to organize complex information for easy reference.

Creator Dashboard #1

This video covers tips on how to access and utilize the tools in the top row of the Creator Dashboard:
- Text
- Question types
- Canva integration
- Google Drive integration

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Student Portal Demo

This video shows a student scrolling through the Canopy Features Demo course.

This provides an idea of what the various engagement features look like in the student view.

Instructional Design Portfolios

This video demonstrates how to use Canopy to create an Instructional Design portfolio.

The content here is also relevant to any organization seeking to share their resources and learning experiences with others.

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