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Canopy makes it easy for any organization to quickly design and manage effective learning experiences.

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Start creating a professional quality learning experience in minutes:

Step 1: Create a free teacher account at www.CanopyEd.com

Step 2: Watch the intro video and start adding content

Step 3: Share the course code with your learners or manually enroll them through the 'Manage Students' page

Step 4:
Invite co-teachers, monitor progress, provide feedback, etc...

Start for free and then create unlimited lessons and courses for just $10/month per instructor.
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Why Canopy?

Learners stay focused:
All resources, links, and activities for a course are embedded in a single screen. Learners can navigate to other courses in a maximum of 2 clicks.

More engaging:
The 20+ unique multimedia features in Canopy allow designers to create fun and engaging learning experiences.

More effective:
When learners stay focused and engage with content in a variety of ways, it leads to learning that is both deeper and more durable than what is possible in other platforms. 

Feedback & Analytics:
Easily track learner progress, review cohort responses to engagement questions, provide feedback, and award certificates upon completion.

Easier to Create:
Canopy users report that creating courses in Canopy takes less than half the time as in their previous platform AND that the courses are more engaging. Creators can also save time by collaborating and sharing completed courses with each other.  

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How to use Canopy

Canopy courses enhance all types of learning delivery methods: self-paced, hybrid, and live instruction.

Self-Paced Learning:
Canopy's simple navigation, multimedia engagement tools, progress tracking, feedback, and certificate award features make it - by far - the most effective one-stop platform to facilitate self-paced learning.

Blended Learning:
Many organizations also use Canopy to enhance blended learning strategies. This is done in two specific ways:

1) Data from learners going through a Canopy course is used to focus and inform in-person trainings.

2) The Canopy course is used to communicate content and then the in-person time focuses more on collaboration and applying the learnings to one's own context.

Live instruction:
Canopy is often used for live instruction. In these cases facilitators use the embedded presentation feature and have learners log into their devices. Facilitators can then easily go between communicating content from presentations and having learners engage by editing PDFs, participating in discussion, answering polls, etc...

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