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Every webinar should have a canopy course.

Make sure your participants get what they need from your webinars.

Webinars + Canopy

Enhancing your webinars with Canopy is easy.

1) Open a new course in Canopy for your webinar.

2) Embed the slides from your presentation, attach audio, embed PDF resources, record and embed screencasts, add discussioon forums etc...

3) Share the course code or create a public course page for participants to join

Everything will be organized in one screen for your participants.

You can also add in poll questions, videos and a range of other ways for people to engage and share what they've learned.

Most people invite the participants to join the Canopy course during the webinar, but some use the course differently.

Asking participants to engage with part of the course before the webinar allows the facilitator to come into the main webinar with some data about the participants and what they know.

Sharing the course after the webinar allows participants to reinforce what they learned and makes it easier for them to access the resources and information they might need later.

No matter which way you prefer, you can add all your webinars to a branded course library so that people inside or outside your organization can easily access materials from all your webinars in one location.