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An All-in-One Solution

Education technology doesn't need to be so fragmented.

Online learning simplified. The video above shows a learner scrolling through the Canopy Features Demo and engaging with content in over a dozen unique ways.

The Canopy features demo link

Click above to explore the 'Features Demo' course for yourself.


Progress & Analytics

  • Use 'Stack of Papers' to review and give feedback on work from a lesson
  • Progress bars for individual student progress by course, unit, and lesson
  • Easily view all work from individual students from any lesson or assignment
  • Use subgroups for differentiation
  • Sync grades and rosters with Google Classroom
  • Upload students from a csv file
  • Quickly review any assignment from the gradebook
  • Send whole class messages or individual student DMs
  • Students receive emails when: new content is added, they receive feedback, or get a message
easily track student progress in canopy