Save time for both you and your students.

Organize All Content in a Single Page

Canopy's unique expand/collapse organization system allows educators to organize all content for an entire year in a single page.

Below are 4 reasons educators love using Canopy.

1) GDrive & Google Classroom Integrations:
No more searching through folders! Embed all of your presentations and other GDrive materials into your curriculum page.

Embed Google Doc assignments directly into a lesson - no need for learners to open new tabs.

Sync rosters and assignments directly with your Google Classroom course.

2) Advanced Analytics: Track progress by lesson, assignment, or learner.

Use 'Stack of Papers' to view all work submitted in a lesson.

Your 'Manage Students' page allows you to see progress for individual learners. Expand a student's name to see all of the work they submitted, by lesson, for the entire course.

3) Feature Consolidation:
Learners shouldn't have to go to: one app to view a presentation, another to watch a video with embedded questions, another to view a screencast, another to edit a PDF, another to create a design, and another to participate in a discussion.

Canopy consolidates all of these engagement activities - and more - into a single intuitive interface.

4) Collaboration: Add co-teachers to a course if you share students. Or use a Private Community to share lessons and courses between accounts.

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