The canva of
learning design

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learning design for everyone

Some of our users have described Canopy as a Canva for learning design. We like this comparison a lot. 

Before Canva, being able to produce professional quality graphic design required many, many hours of investment in learning a tool like Adobe Illustrator. More often than not, you’d have to hire an external designer.

But Canva democratized graphic design by creating a new user experience that now allows any organization to produce professional quality graphic design with an in-house staff member. 

Canopy is doing the same thing for learning design.

Our Canopy Creator’s Dashboard makes it easy to add any of the 20+ engagement options into a course. There is no need to jump between different tabs or different user interfaces across various apps.

This frees up your own cognitive load to focus on the experience being designed. 

Canopy's robust analytics also makes it easier to track progress, review learner work, and provide feedback.

Learners can then access all of the resources and engagement activities in a single screen and use progress bars to track their progress through the course. 

In short, Canopy makes it easier for anyone to create and manage effective learning and development strategies for organizations of all kinds.

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